One Box Minimum

Lori, Josh & Livie are in the process of moving to the burbs, and they came up with a fabulous way to mix packing with having one last party at their old pad:

~ From their Evite ~
c'mon over to our soon-to-be-old house to help us drink the beer in our fridge, eat some pizza, and say farewell to this old house. the moving truck will be here early thursday morning, so there's a one-box minimum....you gotta participate in helping us pack one box before you get a beer ;-p

What fun! Mia and I got there first, so we were greeted with a prize of a bottle of liquor! Daryl came a little later...as did Sarah, Erik, and the Bell, Brian & Rayo, Nicole and Will. We all helped the Andersons pack up and party. Mia had a blast feeding Will some snacks. When heavy things were being carried around, the 4 kiddos were sequestered to Livie's crib.

Baby Jail

Flash Packer, Erik

Isabel cleaning up all those darn sippy cups

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