Summer Blessingway

Oh, those O'Mamas love their Blessing Ways! You can read all about what a Blessing Way is on my post about mine :) This time, we celebrated Anjalika, Karen & Gabriel (they are all due within the next couple of months!) with henna belly painting by Nisha and the traditional birthing bracelets. A couple of nursling came out to party with their mamas, but my Lily was at home with her Daddy :) It was such a fun and warm evening with loving focus on three extraordinary women....and their blessed bellies.

I'm actually in a pic..in the middle with pals Stephanie & Anja...THANKs Melanie!

Lovely Anja, Gabriel & Karen


HipMomma said...

LOVE the henna belly. What a great way to celebrate life.

anja said...

loving this...thank you my sweet friend=)

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous shots! I went through them all on flickr and ooohhh'd and aaahhh'd. Great job!

Andrea said...

The blessingway photos are great! But my favorite pic is the one you got of Mel. I friggin' love that one.