Mother's Blessing Ceremony

Last week, I ...along with four other pregnant O'Mamas, were celebrated with a Blessingway in our honor. We were surrounded by beautiful strong women and made to feel like goddesses. We picked out designs that spoke to us, and the talented Nisha drew the designs on our big pregnant bellies with henna. I chose a lily on the right side of my tummy, b/c, well, my baby's name is Lily, and she's been primarily on my right side...or that's where I can feel her most...and then three hearts symbolizing Mia, myself and Daryl...our family all together on my belly :)

Then our own individual birthing bracelets were created for us. Each O'mama had a bead for every pregnant mama...they told us what it symbolized and their well wishes for our laboring. It's something that touched me deeply and I'm sure will bring me much comfort and strength when it's time for Lily to come.

Here's a little piece of an email I sent to a very dear friend about my experience...

'Sorry so long to get back with you. I've not been feeling quite like myself this past week...not into blogging either. After the Blessingway, I think I fell into something good, but deep and introspective. I wasn't ready to even think about giving birth. I just loved having her in my tummy ...moving, sleeping, kicking stretching. Something about that night changed me into thinking about Lily & my birthing experience. I'm not frightened, but aware and thinking a lot. KWIM? Even Daryl said I've been quiet :) I'm not depressed b/c I'm still doing things that I wouldn't do when depressed. Just introspective :)'

Our blessingway was also blogged about by Andrea and Sara. I love their perspective of it. I blogged a little about the henna last week. I feel like I have something profound to say, but all I have are feelings...not many words. So, all those O'Mamas close to my heart probably know how much I appreciate them, all they are and how much love and support they've given and continue to give me. I can't say enough about Heather, Andrea, Gale and Sharon...my fellow pregnant mamas....I love that we've pretty much been through all of this together...my first time, I was so alone...you give me strength, make me laugh and I love you.

My Birthing Bracelet

Sharon being decorated by Nisha

my finished belly

Andrea's belly
Gale's belly

Heather, Andrea, Nisha (with a scarf tucked under to be her own little pregnant belly!) me, Gale and Sharon

The pregnant goddesses: Heather, Andrea, Me, Gale & Sharon


Andrea said...

I'm so glad you posted a photo of the bracelet. I didn't get a chance to look at them when they were finished. And LOVE what Sharon and Jasmine made for their beads.


Christina said...

This truly sounds like the most amazing experience...something that will stick with you forever. So glad you got to experience it! Oh, and love the bracelet.

Stephanie said...

Your bracelet is beautiful! I didn't see it once all the beads were on it. My bead, 'cause you asked earlier, is the red one between the turquoise and the dark green one. I'm so glad to have experienced that evening with you and the other pregnant Mamas.

Elizabeth said...

Just found your blog through the WW comment you left on my blog tonight. I LOVE this henna art on your pregnant belly. I had some henna/mendhi done last October - here's the link on my blog: http://sixgoldencoins.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-new-tattoos.html
And I bought some henna myself and have done it twice on my own. In fact, I did it last Friday night when we had nice weather. It's still hanging around my foot even now. :)
I love the idea of this Blessingway ceremony and the henna and bracelet. It sounds so amazing and loving. Wish I had one when I was pregnant. Now I'll have to think of it for others.
I'm also interested in your blog now because I am wanting to get into more in-depth photography. I am starting to shop around for cameras and will be back to see what I can glean from your experience.
I've bookmarked your blog and will be back to read more soon! So happy to meet you!