Lily 3.5 months

Oh Lily, how are you already 3 1/2 months old? You've already grown from a newborn to infant and on the way to baby. Teething has started early for you...just like your sister who cut her first tooth at 4 months. No teeth yet from you, but we're sure one will pop out soon. Until then, we'll just enjoy our drooling little girl who's fingers are always in her mouth!

A couple of days ago, you actually started scooting along on your back. You moved right on off your mat and today almost went under the sofa...glad you've got a big head :) You'd pretty much rather be anywhere but your tummy. You've thrown yourself over so violently, that you've scared yourself and made yourself cry.

Ahhh you and your sister already have fun relationship. Mia LOVES to pet you and is always in your face giving you kisses. I pretty much spend all day telling her to give you some space.

Your temper...my have you got a temper! You can be perfectly happy or even asleep and all of a sudden a loud shrieking alarm starts blaring..nope...it's just Lily :)


lori said...

happy 3.5mo bday to the ridiculously cute lily!

Stephanie said...

Oh sweet Lily! I love her so! She has so much personality. Great shots! What was she telling you in the last one? Looks like she had a lot to say. :)

Christina said...

how can she be 3.5 months old already?! Jeez louise. She's got some gorgeous big ol' eyes, and sounds like lots of personality!

Jen said...

I can't believe she is already 3.5 months old. Man, oh man. Her eyes are breathtaking!!

Joanna said...

Wonderful eyes! That last shot IS SOOO CUTE!! Look at her expression! Wonderful

Petula said...

She is the cutest! We had that same exact t-shirt. My two youngest girls wore it... it actually was my favorite one. :)

I love the last shot 'cause it looks like she was in the middle of saying something. Beautiful eyes on her!