The 286 Birthday!

We all got together in Dripping Springs last weekend to celebrate Memaw, Tom, Darlene and my birthdays! Tom guesstimated the total of our ages were about 286...so that's the candle number that went on the cake :)

It was a lovely birthday party, but it ended up pretty much a baby love fest. Darlene and Richard were up from San Antonio...Darlene has a way with babies. Janice and Warren were down from Lubbock...to say that Janice is in LOVE with Lily would be a HUGE understatement! Gwen and Mia both played 'Mama' to their baby dolls...and well, everyone loved on baby Lily.

the love fest begins with Aunt Janice and Lily

I'm in love with this shot that Daryl took!

such a treat to hang with Uncle Warren

Lovely Laura....Memaw

Mia literally pulling Lily's leg!

poor Lily...poor Gwen!

there...all better


Mia playing Mama

'I need to swaddle my baby so she'll be safe, warm and happy'

Darlene does love her pictures :)

The 286 cake!

'cake does NOT hurt my tummy'

My Mia is under there somewhere!
everybody needs an Unca Joe!

Nana & her girls...'riding their horses'
Mia teaching someone about Hook 'em Horns
Lily has found her hand and not letting it out of her sight
suckin on Aunt Janice's finger....hope it's hunger and not teething!

glass of wine, llama on foot and bunny eared Pawpaw...what else do you need?


Melissa said...

What a fun day that was. Love the pics!

hipMomma said...

You don't need anymore than that. I love the candle idea.

Maggie said...

What fun! Looks like a good time was definitely had by all!