The Greatest Show on Earth!

I'm going to start off by saying I'm a SUCKER! When it comes to the circus, it happened twice. Last week, some friends of ours went to the circus...kind of a mama and daughter date. I thought it was a great idea. Since Lily's birth, Mia's gotten the palo, the shaft... Mia nor I have been to the circus...Perfect date! While purchasing the tix online, there was that 'best available seating' option. $$$ !!!! Here comes the first sucker moment. Well, I'd never been to the circus, so I had NO idea what tix went for...I though this was the norm. I called Daryl to see what he thought...he gave me the go-ahead.

Ok...so Sunday evening came and Mia and I drove towards the CIRCUS! I was soooo excited. Mia was mildly excited. Here comes the sucker part 2...as we were walking up, there was the 'come get your Program, Program, Program' chick. She said, 'with the purchase of a $14 program, it's your ticket to the preshow fun on the floor...meet the clowns, get up and personal with an elephant....' Well, I wanted us to have the full circus experience. One $14 program, please. We got in, and they were letting EVERYONE down there, program or not. Sucker, just stamp it on my forehead already!

We did have super fab seats in the FIRST row, all close and no one blocking the tots line of sight. I think Mia was more into her pretzel than meeting the sparkly lady or checking out the clowns or elephants :) Right when the show started, a clown ran up to us and gave us necklaces that had a 'back stage pass' sort of feel. For some reason we were Circus Celebrities! Ahhhh the $80 a ticket thang. Cool. We were close and got a necklace. Nope, that was NOT all. During the first half of the show, when the motorcycles dared to ride in a steel cage, we were escorted on the circus floor and on a tram thing and we were suddenly IN the circus. I was FLOORED and THRILLED. I think Mia just thought that this was everyone's circus experience :) A motorcycle dude gave me a high five...Yes, I am 10 years old! It was an amazing experience that I'll remember forever.

We returned to our seats to watch contortionist, tigers, elephants, clowns....Greatest Show on Earth, indeed! It was a super fabulous first date with my daughter. We experienced it together...mother and daughter..no baby, just us.


hipMomma said...

That happens to everyone at their first circus experience. Did you avoid the $14 cotton candy? It is fun, though. We've been quite a few times. It is so much fun for the kiddos.

Christina said...

I'd have to guess it was totally worth it for that awesome experience!! I have been to dinky little circuses, but never a big on. This makes me want to go soooo much! too cool. love that first photo especially.

anja said...

you are tooo cute=) Love the first pic and the one of you'll with your clown noses=)

Anonymous said...
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