Ballerina en pointe....sort of

Mia's been on a dance kick lately. We watched So You Think You Can Dance together, and she was blown away...dancing, in front of the tv, with the other dancers. She has several books on dancing that she loves to read. Then there's 12 Dancing Princesses Mia was turned on to by her pal, Izzy. When I signed her up for gymnastics again, she said, 'ok, can we know sign up for dancing class?' I looked into a few local programs and ended up picking ballet & tap combo at Round Rock Repertory. When we went to sign up, Mia was THRILLED to meet a 'real ballerina'! She starts the first Tues in Sept. You know I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, here are some shots playing with her ballerina from her jewelry box. I'm just glad it's as easy to fix as it was to take out. My fave shot was the last one where the ballerina isn't really en pointe...on her toes...more in between Mia's :)

Bonus shot: Nap time

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anja said...

I am realllly digging nap time ALOT, how cute is that? I wish I had a pic like this of my childhood.

Looking forward to the blossoming ballerina. She'll be fabulous, the amount of energy your sweet child has, she's going to be rocking in no time. Can't WAIT to see her tapping=)