Point & Shoot Randomness

Emptied out my point & shoot today, and look what I found! Oh, I feel I need to explain why there are so many food pics...Daryl and I assembled my new grill and I've been grilling away almost every night :) Another quick thing...the pics are in backwards order. I lost my brain.

Mia nursing her baby

Asian chicken, squash & watermelon

Lily unhappy

Lily happy

Pork chops & asparagus

story time with Queen Mama...since the move, Mia's pulled out some of her fave books

both story time shots taken by Daryl...who else?!

Mia swinging with her Ita...so fast they're blurry...love the funness

Mia with her little friend, Janderi

I thought it was a little too quiet around the house..tearing up and LICKING Styrofoam

I scared the CRAP out of this little girl...it was AWESOME!

ahhh shrimp & tomatoes

BBQ ribs & corn on the cob

obviously the assemble directions called for 2 beers :)

before the move...you're looking at my kitchen

creepy ass possum...opossum....whatever! still creepy!

Daryl striking the Heisman Trophy pose with his sleeping daughter Lily ...all swaddled and cute...Mia made a great football, too. I have to find that picture!

and lastly, the tortilla bib...not to be confused with the tortilla mask!


Anonymous said...

these shots made me crack up! I love all the food shots and that there is a beer in one of those shots....NICE!

Jen said...

I love that there is a beer in every grill shot. There is something about grillin' and drinking a beer!!!! You have been putting that grill to good use.

Melissa said...

Gotta love Daryl striking a pose. And the styrofoam licking has me rolling!

Melissa said...
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Stacy said...

Looks like you have been busy! Oh, kids and quietness...never a good thing LOL! Love your new grill, too. That food looks yummy!