Spring Fairy Festival

A couple of weekends ago, we went to the annual Greenwood School Fairy Festival. I can't even begin to explain how magical super fun it was. We met up with great friends Andrea, Sophia and Domi. It was fun to sit back and share the fun with them. I've posted MANY photos...and I have many MORE. They had sooo many things to do....basket decorating, wreath making, facepainting, fairy wand creations, BUBBLES...and Popsicles....music, a drum circle, seed planting, fairy tea party...with a Fairy Queen who went one by one and adorned the children with fairy dust. Oh, and an egg hunt! Thank you, Andrea, for turning us on to such a wonderful event!

Basket Decorating

head wreath making handsome honey sporting Mia's wreath...because she wouldn't
at the bubble tub
fabulous face painting
dancin' with daddy

Popsicle envy....
...that made her cry :(
Lovely Andrea and her lil fairy, Sophia
awesome idea...but the lil kids couldn't read the sign ;)
fab fairies seed planting (got a cool glow from something or other...not processed) photo by Daryl
my new fav shot (photo by Daryl)
the very musically talented Andrea...who looks like she's straight out of Woodstock
banging away at 2 drums...she ended up with 3!
Michael the magnificent drum circle leader
me holding Lily...the only way I can right now :) (taken by Daryl)
(also taken by Daryl)
Domi making quite a storm

NOT into chamomile tea
but soooo into scones (try 4!)
random sweetness...it was EVERYWHERE!
have you seen such attitude on a fairy kitty?
more love....
....and sleepiness (both shots by Daryl)
Egg hunt! found one in a BOAT!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this belly shot!
and one for Daddy!
ahhhh all she needed was a little fairy dust from the Fairy Queen
on the way home....captivated by her dirty feet :)


Hayley said...

Looks like amazing fun! But, oh the pictures! Absolutely beautiful. Any opportunity I have to grab my camera is a marvelous one (and I can't touch your skill), but a fairy festival?! Magical!

Leslie said...

Ohh, so many photos to love. My favorites are the bubbles, the confetti shots and the last one. Between the sweet smile and that shiny spot of glitter on her face, it just sparkles!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh!! All the photos are just beautiful! You captured the spirit and fun of the festival. You really got some precious ones of Mia.

Cara said...

Wow you got so many great shots! My favorite is one taken by Daryl "more love". The light was amazing in all of them, looks like an awesome time.

Anonymous said...

That looked like so much fun! LOVED the glowing seed!

Jen said...

What a perfect day. I am always amazed at how many photos you post. They always tell such a nice story. I love the attitude shot and the belly shot.

Stacy said...

That looks like so much fun! Great shots of your day. I wish there was a fairy festival here, but we have a Ren Fest, so I guess we see a few fairies there. ;)

Joanna said...

O!M!G! How I wish we had something like that around our area. What fantastic fun! I didnt want the post to end. I cant believe how many fun activities there was. I wont even go into which shots were my faves because that is way too many to list. Thanks for sharing your magical day! :o)

Christina said...

Oh Tanya! How incredible! This festival looks so amazing - how I wish there were something like it here! We might have to drive down to Austin for it next time. :o) Your pictures are amazing, you captured the spirit of the place so well and I'm not even going to try to pick a favorite. There are TOO many!