The Easter Bunny

Last week, I posted about our adventure with cascarones...this is about the Easter Bunny! "Mia, you better go to sleep, so the Easter Bunny can come'....she was out within a couple of minutes :)
When Mia woke up....she found a trail of jelly bean stuffed eggs going down the stairs and ending at a huge pink bean bag and a basket full of goodies! She was in AWE! Daryl and I really got a kick of her surprised look and how thrilled she was about everything the Easter Bunny had left for her....most of all the lil chocolate bunny...which she ate the ears off of first :) It was a toss up between the chocolate bunny and her lil wind up bunny.....but then back to the jelly beans. Her daddy sweetly held her chocolate bunny while she feasted on a couple of jelly beans. Then we all settled down, at 6am, to watch The Aristocats.

Mama helpin' a bunny out


jw said...

ok... she may be the cutest little thing ever! I just love her attitude. And the bed head is awesome in these photos. Soo cute!

Anonymous said...

sigh, so cute!

anja said...

I love the last picture with her chillin' on the bag in chocolate heaven. You guys are so cute..

Gayani Kennedy said...

These are the pajamas that I remember wearing when i was little. Fantastik! Mia is a very cute little girl!