Mia Says

One last shot from the Fairy Festival....Mia had just realized that my polarizing filter makes the perfect mirror....she's never looked that deeply into my camera before, and I just LOVE it!

Yesterday, we were stopped at a traffic light:
'Mama, see that tree right there?'
yes ( it was a random HUGE oak tree)
'I growed it all by myself...from a seed'

Later...we were almost home:
'Mama, look at that b-e-a-utiful sky'
It is so very beautiful, Mia
'I painted it blue....with my Ita'
You painted a picture of the sky?
'no, I painted the SKY...with my ITA and a paint brush'

'mama want to jump on my trampoline?....um, noooo you can break it....your belly is very very very big' (I'm also 36 weeks pregnant) :)

'mama, may I have a snack?'
'ok, I'll get it from the treepan' (pantry)

While handing me a box that had been delivered:
'mama, now we are married'
who's married?
'YOU and MEEEE....I gave you a present...we're married now'

Mia was trying to sneak a bowl of snacks from the table to the living room:
'Don't tell me, Mama'
don't tell you what?
'Don't tell me to eat my snack at the table'
ok, but if I don't tell you, will you tell yourself?
'ummmm ok....Mia, eat your snack at the table'
and she did :)

(Daryl told me this one...along with, "you know you're a daddy to a GIRL when....")
Daddy and Mia in car coming back from airport. they were both quiet for a while:
Yes, Mia
'what are you thinking about?'


Jen said...

I think that might be my all time favorite photo of Mia. I love it. She is just too cute.

Andrea said...

Priceless quotes. I love them.

Friggin' gorgeous.

Christina said...

She is too aswesome! Love these pearls of Mia. Love that photo too!