Bluebonnets 2009

Golden Hour? Nope...3:30 on a sunny afternoon :)

There'd been a rain shortage when the bluebonnets needed a lot of it to help them grow...so, this year bluebonnets in the Austin area are scarce. There have been a couple of APB's out on some message boards I belong too...everyone in search of a nice fields of bluebonnets. Annual photos of our children in a patch of bluebonnets (the Texas state flower) is something most Texans strive to capture.

Our patch was small with short plants and not too vibrant flowers...but they were BLUEBONNETS so we stopped the car! The one thing I also love..are buttercups. I grew up with memories of picking them, swirling their centers on my cheeks...if there was pollen left over...then I'd gt a kiss. Not really sure from who :) Mia's taken to the buttercups to...that just warms my heart.


Christina said...

Hehe! We did the bluebonnets pictures just last week too, and it's actually the first time I'm done it with N (I know, I'm a bad Texan!). I am in love with the entire series, they are some of my faves! Mia looks so precious here in the sweet flowers.

Stacy said...

Beautiful shots! Mia looks like she was enjoying the flowers, too. :) I was given a childrens story about the texas bluebonnets and an Indian girl. I really like it...wish I could remember the name of it now.

Maggie said...

So sweet! The sun light is perfect in these -- gorgeous for spring!