happy birthday, Leah Ann

last week we got together and celebrated dear Leah Ann's birthday. we had such a freakin BLAST! She's such a great sport that she sang karaoke (thanks to Jennifer, who brought her machine over) and wore a party hat (Mia saw the pic and was very delighted)! everyone ate drank and was merry. divided into teams, we battled it out with Catch Phrase and the losers (Courtney, Melissa, Andrea and Anja) were forced to karaoke! Anja was soooo into it...she was the cutest thing. then there were Courtney and Melissa with their rockin air guitars! the whole night, Leah Ann either had a huge smile on her face or was laughing hysterically. good times. happy birthday, my friend!

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LA said...

I am laughing so hard now. Love the pics!