Corbin, Texas

Another Wednesday, another fun day at Casa T! Mia did all sorts of fun stuff...pics below, but what I want to focus on is our conversation as we were driving home from Casa T.

Mia: (through closed car window...and we were a block away) (yelling) BYE FRIEEEEENDS!!!!

Mama: hey, Mia, wanna go to the store?
Mia: Damon is my friend
Mama: yes, baby, Damon is your friend.
Mia: Damon IS my friend. He loves me.

(from our previous conversations about planets, and where we live, but still random b/c we were talking about friends)

Mia: I live on planet Erf
Mama: yes, and our country is The United States
Mia: (silence)
Mama: The state we live in is Texas
Mia: Texas?
Mama: yes, Texas. And we live in the city in Texas called Austin. Austin, Texas.
Mia: no mama, I don't live in Austin, Texas....I live in Corbin, Texas

Austin is a friend of hers as is Corbin ...both go to Casa T :)

all these amazing shots (love the sand angels) taken by Andrea
at Casa T


melody is slurping life said...

Awww...precious images.

Andrea said...

That Mia is something!!! I chuckled when I read this.

She was telling me yesterday about her last name, and then told me both you and Daryl's full names.

I was like, 'wow! you know your full name and your parents names'

That's great info for her to know!