no. not my heart. my most favorite lens ever! we were out at sea world and mia wanted to see the roller coasters close up and personal. daryl found a perfect place. i went to sit down and my camera strap slid around and my camera hit the curb...yes, i'd chosen a curb to sit on...i was tired....well, the lens hit the curb and it kind of broke in half in a way that actually gives me hope that it can be repaired. it's not a super expensive lens, but it's dear to my heart. i made a quick call to my photography guru, Bonnie (who i actually bought the lens from), but no answer. oh, well. i'll take it in tomorrow and hope for the best. i'm glad it happened towards the end of the day, but still. it hurts.


Christina said...

Awww! Oh no, I hope it can be fixed. I'd be heart broken. I'm guessing it's the 50mm?

Stephanie said...

Oh no! I hope it can be fixed. :(

iMother2.0 said...

Yes, it was my 50mm. I'm going to try to get out of the house and take it by Precision today..if not, then Wed while Mia's at school.
A good lesson learned, though.