i wonder why all the analogies of the size of my unborn child are of food. first a grain of rice, then a Lima bean, we jumped to a medium shrimp (now nicknamed Trimp by Mia), and now we have a medium baked potato.

they wonder why we eat so much...i'd LOVE a baked potato right now! LOADED!


Eric said...

So funny - Ry was kini or a long while because she was the length of a zuchini. Ummmmm baked potato sounds yummy with a side of baked potato soup. :P

C-man and Mama said...

Great, now I am going to have to go to La Madeleine for Baked Potato Soup...lol.

LA said...

Uhhh...I'm not preggy, but nuttin' wrong w/ potatoes!!!! (oh, w/ a side of fries, of course!) Yummmm! You go girl!

Andrea said...

That's so funny.

I never recall the baked potato as a comparison in my babycenter updates. I remember the others you mentioned. And even a cantaloupe?