the visitor

last night, i met up with drumming pals Andrea, Melanie and Anjalika (Stephanie, Leah Ann & Yvonne couldn't make it) at the Arbor to experience a beautiful film together . The Visitor. it was incredibly moving and makes me want to drum even more. thankfully djembe lessons are only 2 weeks away.


Andrea said...

what a beautiful film.
movies stay with me for a long time after they've ended. It was still with me as I went to bed.

I just cannot imagine what so many immigrants have to go through.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry I missed it. I'll watch it once it comes out on DVD.

anja said...

I really loved the film, I missed Dhaval so much throughout it, i think I'm going to go with him again.

Andrea said...

I went back last night and this time took Domi.