the trash bag debate

as Daryl was taking out the trash a couple of minutes ago, i asked him to start thinking about not using trash bags anymore. when we run out of our current supply, i don't want to buy anymore.

here's our conversation:

Daryl: what do i use instead?
me: the can
D: how do i carry it outside
m: pick up the can, carry it to the big trash bin and dump it in
D: if i eat a trash bag can i keep using them?
m: WTF?!?!
D: it would show you that they mean a lot to me
m: why do they mean so much to you? (i ask like i'm unaware of his slight ocd cleanliness issues?)
D: they just DO
m: what if i were to wash the trash can out myself before it's brought back in?
D: ok. no trash bags

a few minutes later:

D: landfills are fine and there's all this research...blah blah blah (i stopped listening to him)
m: it's not about the landfills, it's about consuming less.
D: do YOU eat trash bags?
m: NO, less of a commercial consumer
D: oh, so you wanna save money
M: sure, yeah
D: ok. no bags....but we still have some left, right?


Andrea said...

That's the thing... the way things are lookng, landfills are not fine, especially the way Americans dispose of so much crap. And even most stuff that is biodegradable, doesn't biodegrate in landfills because of all the shit in there. It's getting worse, unless we start doing something about it.

Starbucks for example:
Did you know ONE cafe uses 100 gallons a milk per day, imagine what the entire franchise uses?

And then Starbucks has recyclable plastic cups and coffee lids but NO recycle bins? They do have fair trade coffee now, but like one holistic mama asked, why are they still continue to increase their carbon footprint?


When you get your new casa, you should compost. =)

P.S. Is daryl going to think I'm a total freak now? ;)

Andrea said...

sorry for all my typos.
it's late.

Andrea said...

I also wanted to comment on how wonderful it is that your hubby is so flexible.


Stephanie said...

I love seeing conversations between husbands and wives. They make me laugh. I'm glad he's going along with you.

I was pleasantly surprised when Michael initiated not using plastic bags for groceries.

iMother2.0 said...

On the composting thing (here's another conversation for ya, Steph):

I mentioned it to Daryl and he gave me the 'you're crazy and I'm not hopping on this earth world love bandwagon' look.

I said that Mike does it, and he loves it...he even built it himself! (insert pissing contest here)

Then he asked me where we'd put it if we did it.... I win :)

C-man and Mama said...

LOL! We had the same conversation! M: Mike built his own compost bin.
H: Well find me some instructions and maybe we can build one too!

Andrea said...


Tanya you need to show Daryl pics of Mike's handmade compost bin. Then he'll probably want to make his bigger!