an evening of rhythm & love

OMG!!! friday night i hung out with pals Stephanie, Yvonne, Andrea and her two awesome boys, Jay & Domi. after having a couple of cold beers with Yvonne (i heart her), we meet up with the rest of the group at the Djembabe benefit concert...benefiting The Sankofa Center for African Dance & Culture.....an AIDS education art/drama group in Ghana, West Africa.

the drum class went first

i CAN"T say enough about the
Djembabes (click and read what they're 'about') . i was moved by these beautiful women with powerful voices and amazing rhythms. i'm so ready to take the djembe drumming class with my amigas in june.

Enzo...dancing in the isles

after the Djembabes,
The Bells of Joy took stage. they're a rockin' gospel group from way back. they were too much fun! they made me smile.

then out came Rattletree Marimba...a Zimbabwean style marimba band based in Austin. if i had still been drinking, i would have been out in the isles dancin!

The Sankofa Center:

bits & pieces from the concert:


Andrea said...

What wonderful shots!!

I'm so glad you took video, I love listening over and over.

Stephanie said...

It was a GREAT evening!! I'm so glad I went with you guys!

Mother of the Freakin' Year said...

MAN. I am so sad that I missed it. It looked like a blast and Tanya the pics are beautiful. Please make sure someone tells me the details about the class. I would be very very interested. :)

C-man and Mama said...

I am SO glad you took the video Tanya I am sure it wasnt nearly as moving as being present in the moment but since I was out of town atleast I have just a bit' of the experience.