i'm tired of feeling like crap so i'm going to stop eating crap.

hence, the embarkment on the wheat-free partial gluten-free way.

today was my first full day, and i did rather well. i think the only thing i ate that GF or WF were the two crab won tons i had with my pad thai.

who's really kicking me in gear (and she probably doesn't even know it) is Melanie. i'm taking part of a healthy challenge with some of the O'Mamas. Mel is putting it together, and it's just what i needed. so, i've recruited my honey to train me. i asked him to train along side me so i won't feel so alone. my husband is now exercising. he underestimates my sneakiness


C-man and Mama said...

I cant wait to get healthy! I have so many issues that I think could be resolved by just being more fit and healthy!

You are so awesome to take on eating the GFCF diet! :)

Mother of the Freakin' Year said...

Wow! I'm so glad you're pumped. We can do it together! OH- HAHA, that's funny! Anyhoo, you are way awesome for taking such a big step in the name of health. Can't wait to see how it works for you. And don't forget, we can do it together - HAHAHAHA! ;)