Q: When will my Christmas cactus ever bloom?

A: May 1st

Q: Mia? What's taking you so long?

A: 'nothing'

Q: How big will my belly be 5 days before due date?

A: Thiiiiiiis Big!

Q: When will Lily be born?

A: Not soon enough for me :)


Christina said...

LOVE this post, Tanya! So fun. But I don't think Mia has enough t.p. ;o) Can't wait for news of Lily!

Joanna said...

What a cute post. I love how you ended it, but Mia takes the cake!! :o) I have seen that image at my house before too!

Dawn said...

Nice Q and A!

LOL it's either the kids or the cats with the dang toilet paper ;)

Jen said...

I keep waiting for a post saying Lily is here. I love the photo of Mia and the tp. So funny.