Happy Birthday Lulu!

Lulu, one of Mia's classmates and good friends, recently celebrated her third birthday! We all got together at Texas Jumpling Bean...a super fab inflatable jumping place. It was soooo much fun. Mia and her friends were just running around...in and out of inflatables. Mia was so brave and independent. Which worked out nicely for me...super pregnant mama got to sit in a chair and watch her have a ball. Lulu's mama made an awesome Ariel cake that I had a hard time keeping Mia from. The kids waited so patiently for their turn at the Ariel piƱata, but were soooo ready for all its loot! As we were leaving, Mia noticed a face painter had set up a table...a few minutes later, Mia was a kitty...covered in glitter! :) She loved it and looking at herself so much. I felt bad that it was time for nap when we got home...the kitty face was all over her pillowcase when she woke up.


Andrea said...

We were very sad to miss Lulu's party, but I'm SO glad some of her TL friends got to go.

And, THAT is the way to get facepainted!

Joanna said...

Look at those red curls. Holy moly. Beautiful. LOVE the cat face!