Last summer, Mia and I started weekly mommy & me gymnastics classes at Acrotex. At first, her focus was on running around and not really into what Coach Misty was trying to teach these 2 yr old tots with the help of their moms...but she LOVED Thursday afternoons..'nastics' time :) Over the months, she really got into the warm ups and stuff they did on the balance beams, bars, mats...she can almost do a cartwheel and is a star on the trampoline! She even asked for her 3rd birthday to be at nastics class. In January, she had about 30 of her friends over to Acrotex for a nastics party. She was in heaven!

Since becoming pregnant, our mommy and me class has been a challenge for me at times. Whenever he could, Daryl would meet us there to take over. Watching them from the sidelines always warmed my heart. The point was always to have fun...learning all the other stuff was just gravy. This month, we had to give notice that we'd be taking a little break. I'm soooo not up to picking up a 35 lb girls so she can swing on a bar, and she's not quite up to the level where she could take a class on her own...in a couple of months she may be.

Almost everyday, she'll 'flash' for me or show me her cartwheel, teeter toter, forward roll.... I'm glad she still loves it, but feel so sad that I can't take her for a while.

She will be back, but until then....here's a little FLASH!


Christina said...

How CUTE is your little gymnast?! A somersault is about as much as N can do...maybe we should go some "nastics" calsses!

Heather! said...

I love how every little fiber of their being is so into it--haven't found anything that quite engages kids like being at the gym. This is going to be one of those photos that you bring out when she's 27 and you never remember her being this small. Love the ponytails!

Jen said...

Mia looks so big in this photo. I bet she is a star!!

anja said...

Love her smile and ponytails=) She is such a doll..=)

Andrea said...

Don't feel sad. No worries.
She can focus on YOGA. ;)

Joanna said...

She looks like a star! So cute!