Mia wanted to paint...went and tried to get the box of paints down from the art shelves...found glue, tissue and scissors instead. "Mama, I wanna cut and glue" No prob. She never did get to the tissue and scissors, but the glue...that's what she got stuck on.

LOVE this shot of her tootsies!
not much happened on paper...her medium of choice was more her own skin

Mia's super fun attempt at rinsing herself off...she ended up needing a bath.


Christina said...

You are SUCH an awesome Mama - I love that you just let her GO FOR IT and get messy and explore! I love all her expressions in that first storyboard.

Anonymous said...

you are SUCH a fun mom! :)

Stacy said...

LOL...I see she tried eating it too! A rite of passage with childhood. ;)