Mill's Pond with friends

A couple of weeks ago, Mia and I met up at Mill's Pond with our wonderful friends...Stephanie and her two boys, R & C. Over the last month, Mia and I have spent many a morning at the pond and this is what we usually do:
  • go to pier and feed ducks
  • Mia plays on big rock pile while I stretch and do a little yoga in the shade
  • walk around the pond...spending some time on the long 'troll' bridge
  • climb (Mia) & relax (mama) on the big rocks in the meditation garden
  • finish walking around pond
  • watch the 'duck show'
  • have a picnic lunch under the trees

This time, we had COMPANY!!! Steph and the boys had never been to the pond, so we showed them the ropes. It was so nice and relaxed. Stephanie and I were able to talk a lot...something very hard to do at large playdates or with kids underfoot in general. Mia had a WONDERFUL time with the boys. Spring had sprung and many of the trees were covered in buds and small flowers. While relaxing on our blanket, I had the kids run back and forth while I practiced Long Exposure...not thrilled with my results, but we all had a blast trying :) We can't wait to do this again....(hint...hint, Stephanie)

C eats the majority of his (stale) portion of the bread for ducks

C & Mia...Prince and Princess of the rock pile

my sweet girl

redbud (?) blossoms

Lil Miss Independent

sweet smellin dogwood blossoms

watching what Mia calls 'The Duck Show"

attempts with long exposure :)

what would that tree do without C to help hold it up?

I love how comfy they are with each other :)


Cara said...

That is an awesome series of shots. I love the one of her and the wind blown hair, I like the long exposure shots! I have such a hard time with that as well.

Stephanie said...

I love the shots! Did you ever see the ones on my blog from that day? I posted them soon after we spent the day together. Scroll down when you get to my blog. I loved spending the time with you and Mia. Need to do it again soon!:)

Christina said...

Looks like an awesome time, and what awesome images! Thank God for good friends. :) that's great you have such a nice pond nearby.

Stacy said...

That looks like you had a great time playing together! Sounds like a nice and relaxing routine you have there, too. Those flower shots are so pretty, too. :)

Elaine A. said...

What a bunch of great pictures and looks and sounds like so much fun for the kids and you! : )

anja said...

Your photographs are breathtaking mama, truly you are so talented...