What Baby Needs

Storytime with Daddy. The books on welcoming a new baby into the family by Dr. Sears are just awesome. We got both books (Baby on the Way & What Baby Needs) shortly after we found out we were pregnant (along with the potty book), and Mia's loved them. I really dig that it shows a baby nursing and co-sleeping. The daddy gets to feed the baby with a bottle...he even gets to wear the baby in a sling! It's all about letting the older sibling know what to kind of expect when mama's pregnant and when the new baby comes. I think Mia's more prepared than I am :)
Last night, while snuggling with Daryl, I was feeling kind of melancholy, and didn't know why. After talking about stuff for a while, I realized that I was sad. I'm gonna miss my lil family of three. I already feel as though there are many times where we don't make enough time for each other...or we just plain get snappy. Not fun. I know by adding Lily into the mix, there will be more love and precious moments....but I'm still scared about this whole family of four thing. I'm sure we'll make sure all of baby's needs are covered.... oh, I'm so glad I'm going to the mama retreat this Friday by Carrie Contey...all about keeping mama's cup full, so she can love and give without it being too incredibly hard. I need tricks :)


Cara said...

It will all work out. I felt like that too when I was pregnant with my second, I still had not gotten the hang of parenting the one and now I was throwing another in the mix. I am amazed daily that we make it through. We are all up an out the door daily at 7:00, home and feed dinner by 7:00 and off to bed around 8:30. Some days go better than others, but we make it through and you will too

nopinkhere said...

K is obsessed with books about new babies, too. We have one called Hello Baby and one from the library called Hi New Baby. We read them both--A LOT

Christina said...

Sweet post, Tanya! Yes, it will be a challenge...but you guys are an awesome family and Lily will just make it better!!