When pigs fly...and other scientific stuff like that

My Best Shot for this past Monday, was a shot taken at Jo's after we hung with pals at the Austin Children's Museum...what's super cool is that we went on No Tour Tuesday....no bus loads of kids running round :) well, here's more about the day:

They had a whole huge transportation thing going that Mia just LOVED...she drove a train or was it a bus? and tested out which surface was faster. Mia was not one to be close to friends that morning..she was a girl on the MOVE. We went upstairs where she used a pulley system to make a pig fly and then hooked up some cool Tinkertoy style shapes. They have an art room that Mia also took advantage of :)

Then we heard over the speaker...'Storytiiiiime' We made a mad dash downstairs and got pretty good seats. Oh my, was the storyteller fabulous. They sang songs with a duck puppet, listened to the storyteller tell three stories with much enthusiasm...and then got stickers! Super fun!

We finally hooked up with our pals and headed off to Jo's for a yummy lunch. No Tour Tuesday happens on the first Tuesday of each month...we've got it on our calendar!


Joanna said...

Childrens museums are so cool! I have been meaning to bring Ella back since winter started. It looks like she got her hands on everything there! I love her eyes in the 6th shot.

Christina said...

Now this is so cool! Children museums are the place to be... we all get to touch the stuff!!
: )

Christina said...

I love her sweet little skirt! What an awesome like, a little bit ot everything. Lots of learning going on.

Austin Children's Museum said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit to Austin Children's Museum! Hope to see you again soon.

In the meantime, you can continue the hands-on fun and learning at home with activity ideas we have posted on our blog: blog.austinkids.org
Check it out and let us know what you think!