In each moment

That's what Ita and Mia were in...they were in the moment...each and every moment they were together....like when they were listening to Lily. When my mom visits, the world stops...and that's a very good thing. They spent time outside picking flowers and blowing on dandelions....in and out of the sandbox, talking...not talking. They were happy.

Then out came the Cooties! I LOVED that game growing up. So I picked it up a few weeks ago. Daryl, Mia and I have played once. Out came the Cooties...and with total disregard for the rules or object of the game...Mia and Ita built their Cooties....they had fun!

Well, mama received a package...full of packing peanuts. I was about the throw the box and peanuts into the garage when I heard...'Mama, can we play with those?'....sure, why not? Knock yourselves out...and they did...for a very looooong time. Joy. No...Bliss. They were Blissed Out!

That night, we hooked up wii and wii fit. Ita was determined to conquer some skill or other...and she had her little cheerleader by her side :)

The next day...after we all got mani-pedi's...Mia wanted to break out the water colors. They painted and painted and talked and were very much in the moment....each and every moment.


Joanna said...

Reminds me of Ella and my Mom. They are in love with each other! Great shots of them playing. You can really see how much they are enjoying eachother.

anja said...

what priceless time it is between grandma and child..I love all these beautiful moments you've captured..Mia and Ita are truly in Heaven with each other...its so great she gets all the attention when Ita's around. Warmed my heart these pics.

Jamie said...

The orange in that first picture is soo awesome. I love how warm it feels and it instantly put a smile on my face.

Christina said...

Beautiful, Tanya! Such love and joy. I adore that firt image!

SE'LAH... said...

They look like they are having such fun. Great shots.