Oh, those girls!

Livie came over to play with Mia today...

I LOVE Lori! I love our chats and just everything about her...Have you seen her smile? That's where Livie gets hers. She's such a wonderful friend and I get such a boost when we get together. My mama friends are the BEST! Sarah and the Bell couldn't make it...shopping is always a wonderful reason :)

Niles was quarantined in the master bath while the girls had the run of the house. Livie is such a walker! I think she pretty much walked 98% of the time here! She's such a wonderful influence on Mia. Here's what happened at this playdate:

1. Mia now drinks from a sippy cup! (after testing Livie's out)
2. Mia now drinks 'cold' milk. None of that baby warming up anymore. She's a big girl!
3. Even though Mia's a little tilted to the left, she stood up a lot and took 2 steps.
4. Livie digs prune juice
5. I like wine spritzers
6. Lori brings the sweetest snacks...chewy oatmeal raisin cookies and brownie bites...yummy!
7. Mia zerberted me a bazillion times
8. Both girls bumped things with their heads (pretty hard), but weren't really fazed. Distraction at its best!

Mia passed out for her afternoon nap before Livie was buckled in ther car seat :)

Truly a beautiful day :)

Drinks with the girls

The Sipster

Livie rockin' the house

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lori said...

we had a WONDERFUL time! thank you so much for having us! i am absolutely stoked that i got some mia 'nuggles and that livie's sippy cups proved interesting enough for mia to try 'em out! yay for sippys! oh, and liv was asleep before we even got out of carriage hills. she "read" herself a book, and then crashed. we got a good 45-minute nap and headed off to meet daddy for a house-actually-sold-this-time celebratory dinner :-)