Mia's Abuelita visited for a wonderful 5 days!

My wonderful mom came in last Thursday so Daryl and I could go to dinner and see The Lion King. That's what thought, but no, it was all a ruse to hang out with Mia!

Daryl and I had a fabulous time out on the town, and Mia and her Abuelita had a ball.

There was an accident involving Mia's face and Niles' teeth. We were thinking that we'd send him home with mom, but we're just going to vigilantly keep them seperated...and we're going to get a puppy for Mia! A basset hound. How perfect is that?

Here are some picks of Mia sliding down head first through a big kid tube slide...her Daddy helped her down..just a little, she was really ready to go..and her Abuelita was a the bottom to catch our little blur!

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