Beautiful Saturday with Family & Friends

We had such a full day yesterday, that we're taking it very easy today. First we had a pleasant ride out to Tom & Dee's. Memaw (Tom's mom, Laura) moved in this week and was getting acclimated pretty well. Dee thought that seeing her great-granddaughters would brighten up her day. What a wonderful idea. Memaw was all smiles the whole time. The girls impressed everyone with their swinging skills, and we had a fabulous lunch. Tom would NOT give me the recipe and only let me help when his secrets wouldn't be divulged. It was so yummy! Grandma Dee was supposed to fly out to Krakow, Poland yesterday, but we got lucky because all flights to/from Dallas were postponed till today due to twisters! So we all got more Grandma time until we left for our Quesadilla/Poker party.

After a fabulous visit, we hopped over to the home of Josh, Lori and Olivia (Livie) for some dinner and fun. Erik, Sarah and Isabel (The Bell) came over, too. It's so neat to see all the girls playing together. Livie & The Bell are accomplished walkers...The Bell can even spin now :) ...and Mia is trying to follow suit. Sarah, Lori and I got a lot of girl talk outside while the Daddies did their thing with the girls. So nice to sit back, relax and chat with my girls.

Mia and Livie settled down for night night pretty quickly, but The Bell had other plans. She was up and happy all night! Dinner was sooooo yummy. Lori and Josh collaborated so well on the quesadillas. Veggie for the vegetarians..... and some with meat for the carnivores. Well done!

Poker was a blast. Sarah spent quite a bit of the time trying to get The Bell to sleep, but don't feel sorry for her! Sarah took 1/2 the money at the table the first two hands!! Daryl and I did pretty well ourselves. We went out to breakfast this morning courtesy of Josh & Erik :)

Mia enjoying her new bunny from Gwen

Gwen at the end of the rainbow

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lori said...

we are very happy to know that your winnings were used for something fun :-) glad we could help.

signed, remedial poker player ;-p