busy morning

Mia and I had a fabulous morning..except that I don't feel well at all. It's like I took way too much day cold medicine...weird out of body feel and balloon head...but I haven't taken a single thing. Mia just went down for her morning nap, so after I finish this post, I'll crawl into bed myself.

Little Gym rocks! Mia LOVES exploring and climbing and log rolling and forward rolling and pizza hanging (holding onto a bar with her hands, she pulls her feet up to where they are touching the bar on the outside of her hands..looking like a slice 'o pizza). I like that it's all gymnastic stuff. Mia didn't want to leave, but we did and went to breakfast at Tres Reyes. Mia scarfed down some eggs, avocado slices and beans. She had the best time playing with my keys. Our server was the same one we had last week, Sulema. She has a daughter just a smidge younger than Mia named Dina. I use this opportunity to speak Spanish. Besides the Spanish video & books, Mia's Abuelita and I are the only one's she hears Spanish from. It's hard to practice at home. I try, but then revert back to English at some point that I'm never aware of.

Ok. Taking my butt to bed. I hope I feel better when I wake up...we have afternoon plans with Lori & Sarah & their girls.

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