The last couple of days have been CRAZY, but a good kind of crazy.

Yesterday, Mia & I went to the Cedar Park library lapsit, and had a good ole time with other tots & their Mamas. I hadn't seen Lauren & Kaylee since Mia's birthday playdate about a month ago. All is well with them, and Kaylee is still so precious. I LOVE the little looks she gives. I also got to chat with Candace & her Cordelia a little. That Cordelia is the cutest little girl, but is having a very hard time with allergies (cedar, I think). She was so bubbley and her little squeals sure do get everyone's attention! Mia really enjoys our time there. Exploring, playing, climbing.... she turns the pages of the books we read, claps and actually tips over when we do I'm a Little Tea Pot :)

Off to the Y for her Baby Bumper class. It was our first day, so I was a little nervous. There were a bunch of kids, but their mamas were always within an arms reach and very present with their kids. They told their kids to watch out for the little baby, and Mia kept turning around looking for this little baby they all spoke of. On Mondays we meet in the gymnastics room. We jumped down the long trampoline together, and Mia explored many large blocks and wedges...the soft climby kind. She also hung from a bar and touched her toes to the outside of her hands. She learned that at the Little Gym ...oh, I helped a little ;) Tomorrow, we go again, but will be meeting in the gymnasium where there'll be soccer, basketball, bowling.....

TODAY.....we started off at our Little Gym class. Mia was all over it. She's getting very comfortable and even participated in the groups stuff like walking practice, running and jumping (the mamas help a LOT. It's a mini workout!). She usually just does her own thing...exploring while everyone else (well, there are a couple other lone wolves out there) does the group stuff. She practices her forward, backward & log rolls. She hangs from the bars and walks on the beams. It's all very cool. We LOVE the Little Gym!

After class, we hopped over to Los Reyes for breakfast. Mia had her usual (scrambled egg, 1/2 avocado, and some of my beans & potatoes). She's a great breakfast companion. We had our regular server, Sulema, who knows what we get & how we like it. Life is good! There's a cute little gift store in the same shopping center where we got Ryleigh's birthday gift.

On to Ryleigh's birthday party! (yes, all of this before her nap) Heather was so sweet and really went all out! It was nice and cozy. The mamas were great and so were the kids. It was nice to see our friends. Mia played very well with everyone and had a great time. Heather got the cutest little birthday outfit. Mia and I shared a cupcake, and after two hours of fun, we had to go home. Naptime would wait no longer!

She slept for about 1 1/2 hours then we snuggled a lot, read books and played till Daddy got home. Then we all headed over to the park! Today was beautiful!

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!

Liam, Mia & Ethan

Oh, we hit HEB yesterday & Mia was driving the cart like a pro! I HAD to get a snap of it.

NASCAR here I come!

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lori said...

love the pics, and it sounds like you girls had a great day! how did heather get ryleigh to wear that hat?!?!?!