sweet dreams my heart

Dearest Lily,

Sometimes, at night, you have the hardest time letting go. You cry and wail like you're feelings or body have been so hurt. Only when you're exhausted...spent...do you let go. I don't feel your circadian rhythms are off. You fight sleep...just like your mama and your sister. We're so afraid we'll miss something.

Sleep is good. Sleep helps your body, mind & spirit recover from the day and get ready for the next. Sleep helps your body stay well and happy. Sleep helps you grow. Sleep helps you be happy and content when you're awake. So baby girl, let yourself restore and replenish.
Let go, and have sweet dreams my angel.


p.s. sleep long & sleep hard...like your daddy...but please don't snore ;)


lonestar said...

So sweet, I love the picture too :).

Christina said...

Awww! What a sweet, tender Mommy post! If this were FB, I'd want to "like" it several times!