Hanging with Nana & Pawpaw

Mia spent this past weekend with her Nana & Pawpaw. It's such a win win win situation. She gets them, they get her, Daryl and I...used to get to be alone...now we get to be alone with Lily. Mia always has the best time out there. She follows her Pawpaw around and helps feed the dogs, fish, ducks, chicken and even some deer. She helps tend their huge garden. This time, she took us out to see 'My Pumpkin Patch'. There are oodles and they'll be fabulous for Halloween! Daryl and I usually go out there on the Sunday afternoon and hang out, have dinner before we grab our girls and head back to the rest of the world. Time actually seems to go by slower out there.

I'm so glad I had my little point and shoot camera..I've fallen in love with it again. Video to follow...stay tuned.

Mia's baby had a owie and needed a band-aid...one of several she applied to baby and self

don't all Nana's make silly faces?

Got her Pawpaw and her paci...life is good.

the girls riding their horsies...Nana's legs :)

Mia needing so snack on her sister's arm

playing ball & still hanging on to his glass of wine

Mia helps prep food...including shucking corn

taking a break to scratch an itch

brushing Bug the pug

surrounded by furry love

checking out the cool wind chime they got on one of their many worldly adventures

my heart swells

Mmmmmm beer


something about a wind up fish in a bucket of water

Nana, can I have your attention, please?

Bubba...of the duo Bug & Bubba

beering...watering the seedlings

Pawpaw some how makes beer with this stuff

as Nana would say, 'Beep'

Lily must me HOT...Mia's hugging her with a potholder :)


Joanna said...

It looks like she had so much fun and you can tell there is so much love in each photo. Dont you love Grandparents? :0)

anja said...

lucky lucky Mia gets to be with her grandparents. What a fun time it looks like. Lily is lapping it up too. Love your little babies, they are adorable, the last pic is so sweet, Mia and her lil Lily..

Christina said...

Such wonderful every day moments you captured- the very best kind!! so much love here.