O'Mama Love

I was just found this...I meant to post it over a YEAR ago, but for some reason it was still my my Drafts. What a blast from the past!

The O'Mamas (Other Mothers) are a mother's group I've belonged to for about a year. Mia and I spend many mornings, afternoons and some evenings with this wonderful women and their children. We're a family. There's a little drama here and there, but we get through it all so gracefully and lovingly. There are many many many things why I'm so very much in love with these fab women, but today they moved me.

Sara hosted a playdate, there were mamas, toddlers and babies oh my! The beautiful thing was that whenever a child or mama needed something, there was a mama on the scene. Babies were passed around so their mamas could tend to their other kiddo or actually go pee by herself...in privacy with the door shut! Children were pushed on swings, read to, fed, comforted and tickled. Now, this is pretty much how it always is, but something about this playdate that struck me as super loving, super nurturing....super.

I'm diggin on Courtney's lil Emmy (photo taken by Anjalika)

Sara, lovin her turn with Emmy

Courtney helping Sara's Leilani with a snack

Anjalika cuddling and reading with Leilani

Courtney with her Emmy (right) and Sarah's Kristopher (left)

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