really Lily?

HOW could you possibly four months old all ready?!

You, my darling are sooooo very different from your sister. You have an actual temper...and don't mind letting it fly without a seconds notice. You're a good sleeper, but you wake up screaming and scare the crap out of your dad and me! You are one of the smiliest babies that there ever was. All someone has to do is get your attention and smile at you to get you to turn your high beam smile on. Lily, you are also very bald! Well, you have a little fuzz, but the back of your head is as bald as a cue ball...it's from all that scooting around you do on your back. It's actually quite cute when you get a little red road rash spot. We got you a Sophie giraffe and you shove it in your mouth until you make yourself cry...it's as if you think someone else is trying to smother you...you're so silly. Rolling over and over is something you're now proficient at, but it still pisses you off when you think you're stuck.

I love to just hang out in bed watching you wiggle your fingers in front of your face. Nana says your daddy used to do that, too. You're getting so good at grabbing and holding on to things. I love your perserverence when you want to hold something...you try and try and try until you get it...if you don't get it, you just SCREAM! :) You ride around in the car facing backwards. We put up a mirror in front of you so I can see you through my rear view mirror. I love looking up and seeing you sleeping like an angel, sucking on your blankie, looking at your sister or staring straight back at me...when you notice I'm looking back, you smile so sweetly. You, my little love have me and my heart wrapped around your little finger.

Let's move on to the drool. I swear you were an old hound dog in a previous life. You drool soooo much. I know you're working on cutting your first teeth, but baby! So, everything you touch, including my hair, is usually soaking wet. That's ok, because if you're chewing on something, then you aren't screaming :)

Your daddy just informed me that you just tried to CRAWL!!! Your top half was swaddled and you rolled on to your tummy and dug your feet into the bed and pushed one at at time...you actually moved forward approx 6 inches. We really don't encourage mobility in this house young lady :)

you kickin it with your Daddy at Might Fine Burgers this evening


Stephanie said...

Lily..a temper?! I can't believe it. She's been a perfect angel when I hang with her. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, she did express some displeasure (just a little) when she rolled onto her belly and couldn't roll back. Being ever diligent while in my care, I quickly turned her over. I wasn't going to have any tears on my watch!

That baby of yours has captured my heart. I love her to pieces. She IS the smiliest baby around.

anja said...

Happy 4 months sweet baby Lily! Your Anja masi loves you!

She is really the coolest baby on the block..such a gratifying smiler backer, who wouldn't love her? She was so well cooked in the mama oven, its no wonder she is trying to crawl at four months! She is going to pull up to standing in no time, she is so strong.

Love and blessings to your sweet angel.

Andrea said...

I have never seen Lily show this temper. When ever I see her, she greets me with that gorgeous smile of hers and I think to myself, I know this child.

Andrea (her future maestra)

Christina said...

Oh my, how can four months have passed already?! she sounds like such a fun little person!