Corbin is THREE!

Corbin is a dear friend and classmate of Mia. We've known him for a while and just love him to pieces. He can be a little on the quiet side, but he has a huge and quite silly personality. We had such a blast at Corbin's birthday party. The cake was delish. Corbin's mama, Sharon made it herself...I think Mia ate the frosting of one piece before it fell on the ground, then it happened again...poor girl ended up with a super yummy cupcake...that she ate licked the icing off. It's the simple things, ya know. The kids were totally entertained by trying to blow up balloons on their own, the kazoos even mystified some parents...then there was the sprinkler park. It sure was a hot day, but the kids didn't notice a bit with all their frolicking under the spray of cool water. Dawn, Ava's mama, brought out a bunch of buckets...another hit. Ohhhh can't forget the beach balls or the super cool Cars piƱata! The darn thing kept coming off the rope. Brad, Corbin's daddy, even tried to just give it to a kid, but it was strung up again and beat until the loot came pouring out. Mia scored 2 lollipops and a noisemaker. She's easy to please. It was a super fun time.
Happy Birthday Corbin!

Corbin's new baby bro, Shepard...watch out girls, Lily's got dibs!

After working with us this summer, Miss M saved up for a cell phone :)
I'm in total love with this woman and her ripe belly


Andrea said...

LOVE love love the photos!!

Melissa said...

Your photos are fantastic! You have a great eye for what would be an interesting photo. I really enjoyed looking at them.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

anja said...

great shots mama! that preggie woman is hot! Love the pics of Mia next to Corbin=) You really have a great eye..

gingeronni said...

i just looked at this - did not know that you posted it - how cute! i LOVE the pics, thank you for taking such great shots at the party. So glad you guys could be there to help us celebrate! :) :) :)