Amidst all this Baby Lily stuff, Mia has been hanging out and having a ball with some of her friends. One evening last month, we ended up at Dr. Harry's office after dinner with his family...Courtney, Izzy & Emmy. Well, Izzy thought it would be a fun idea to pull out all the receipt tape and basically paper her daddy's office...the other two girls concurred. LOVE where Izzy is mummifying Mia...much to Mia's delight!

Last week, Stephanie and her kiddos R & C came over for some playtime. While the mamas chatted, R showed Mia what his video game was all about...she was impressed! C, however, was more interested in making silly faces for the camera! I love how they ended up on the landing...their own personal space.


S- said...

The cash register receipt paper is awesome! That looked like so much fun!

We had a great visit. Please hide the umbrella next time we come. :D I loved my baby Lily time. She's a real snugglebug.

cherish.photography said...

love your collage!

♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

I love the way you do the collage!