All in the family

It's taken a few weeks, but I have shots of Lily meeting her family. Since I'm the photographer, I'm not in any except for the one that my fabulous friend, Andrea, took of us...the night I gave birth to Lily. I've already posted it, but will repost it here again because I love it so much.

photo of Lily and me taken by Andrea :)

I totally love Daryl's blissed out look when holding his day old baby girl

ahhh sweet smiles from Auntie M

The first time big sister Mia held her lil sis...was not too impressed and needed her 'OFF OFF OFF' when Lily started to cry

but she sure did dig her big sister gifts...the new Llama Llama book and a couple of Fancy Nancy readers

Lily enchants her Nana & Pawpaw

Unca Joe gets in the mix

ahhh Ita finally gets to hold her new granddaughter...much to Mia's dismay

we were so happy Aunt Janice was in town and stopped by for a visit

Lily meets her great grandma (Memaw)

Mia starting to get comfy sharing her beloved family with her new lil sis


Maggie said...

These are all just gorgeous - what a lucky girl Lily is to have such a wonderful and loving family!

Christina said...

Isn't it awesome to look at those moments and know it's the start of a lifelong relationship? Wow.