Emmy is One-derful!

June 14th 2008, our dear friends Courtney, Harry & Izzy welcomed sweet Emmy into their family. How is she already ONE?!?! If you don't know her, let me tell you something...this girl can SMILE! She's the smiliest babies I've ever known...but don't let that fool you, she can be pretty sneaky, too. During a phone convo with Court not too long ago, Emmy was yelling to get down from her highchair. Court was asking her to sign 'down'...something Emmy knows how to do, but was not in the mood for. So she looked at her big sis, Izzy...grabbed Izzy's hand and made the sign with Izzy's hand! She's such a go-with-the-flow type of kid, you've just gotta love her!Here are some flashback shots that I have of her first year...followed by some from her Fab Birthday Celebration.

the first time ever I saw her face...I feel in love

Now, let me tell you about her birthday bash! I think they had like 4 blow up pools...kiddy pools, a medium pool, and one was GINORMOUS! The kids had a super fun time splashing and sliding around...the adults just watched with their jealous eyes :) It was a HOT day! Harry grilled some delish dogs and burgers. Ohhh and don't get me started on his super yummy homemade ice creams...yes, plural! Vanilla (or as Mia would say...bamilla), strawberry (with fresh strawberries), chocolate and OMG! dark chocolate!!!! I had a smidge of each and can't decide which was my fave...Hmmm must do further research ;p

Emmy's butterfly cupcake cake was the cutest and she was the sweetest while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her...Emmy's eyes and smile were incredibly bright. Big sis Izzy helped with the actually blowing out of the candle. Then Emmy got to enjoy her first cupcake :) More playtime in the water. Emmy, like a true party girl, passed out in the arms of a handsome man...her uncle ;p

Party Pics

a huge plus...friends LOVED holding Lily...I got a little rest

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Joanna said...

The 8th photo down with that beautiful smiling face just lights up the room! Great candid shots. I felt like I was at the party scrolling through them.