video catch up

Mia's latest film work:

The Alphabet Song (the last 10 seconds are my favorite)

All Dressed Upt (LOVE how she says 'upt')

Zero Shows (daddy confuses Mia with the concept of Zero)

Running Wild

Friends, Anjalika and Anika, shake their bums :) (what fabulously fun girls!)


lonestar said...

What cute videos!! I love her alphabet song and the "zero shows" LOL

Mollie said...

Zerooooo Shooooows! So something my husband would do :)

The end of the alphabet just melts your heart. Simply adorable!

Andrea said...

oh, Sophia LOVED watching these! She kept saying, "Hi Mia! Look! Mia!"

I need to learn how to download videos off my digital camera. How many times have I said this??

Christina said...

Love it! I seriously miss having a camera that can take video. :o(

robin bird said...

these are all sooo cute! i love the dog in the background shaking the toy, you laughing and saying you sound like a hyena and the just plain fun that comes from following your child around with a video camera! great post :)