Life of the Party

Was it only last Friday that my latest drumming class ended? What a loooooong week! At the end of each session, Mae throws a big party and jam session. This time, Daryl and I thought Mia would enjoy it. Once she heard she was going to a party....out came her party dress and ballerina slippers. Don't try to call them ballet slippers...she will correct you. I had a wonderful time just playing, and so did Mia. She actually stole the show. I wasn't aware of the ham she most definitely is. She pulled out and played with all the instruments and then picked TWO djembes to play at the SAME time. Everyone was either smiling hard or outright giggling and enjoying her. I just realized that all the video is still in my camera that Daryl took to the coast. Well, I'll post some shots and then the video will come later. Yay! I don't have to edit :)

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