Old Pecan Street Festival - Fall '08

Since Daryl and Mia are hanging in Port O'Connor with his awesome parents, I went to the Old Pecan Street Festival solo. Have to admit that it was nice just walking around, checking stuff out and taking shots all by myself. I missed them a lot, though. We went together last year. When I went by the booth were Mia got her first airbrush tattoo...ahhhh all the beer stands reminded me of my sweet husband...who is probably having share of beer while fishing with his dad at this very moment :)

For all our previous Port O'Connor (POC) moments go here.

Another perk about today, is that Melody at Slurping Life is hosting SOOC Saturday. SOOC= Straight Out Of the Camera...no editing, no processing. FREEDOM! Seriously, it's super fab really thinking about the shot knowing that there's no editing allowed post-snap. Head on over for more SOOC shots.

Slurping Life


Rachel said...

Love the mood of the pics. Looks like a great time to enjoy the sounds sights and weather!

stephanie said...

We were there today too! I took a shot of that woman with the hummingbird tattoos too! How funny is that?! I think it's the same woman..was she pushing a stroller with a dog in it?

Andrea said...

Domi and I went. It was crowded, hot, but fun. Ironically, I didn't pick up my camera for a single shot. Fun pics!

melody is slurping life said...

Great perspective with each shot and you've captured the mood of the event. Nice.

Love 'em.

Maddy said...

Hmm very glad to hear that you had some time off. I'm cooped up with the gang and their sniffles today.

You certainly have a very good eye.

You made me giggle at the beginning emphasising the 'no editing,' which lets me know that you must be a serious photographer type. I have no idea how to edit a photograph - I 'm definitely a point and click kind of a snapper.

Joanna said...

Although I would miss my family terribly, I am jealous of your freedom! I would love to have some time to walk around and take some shots....especially some place fun like a festival.

Love the cowgirl boots, but I love the third shot. All those colorul flags are beautiful.

Christina said...

There's nothing better than having a free day just for YOU every once in a while. and wow, you're awesome SOOC! I love your framing and perspective on all of these. The flags, and cowboy bbots, and tatooed back are my favs!

Killlashandra said...

I love the shot of the flower vine tattoo complete with hummingbird. Lovely piece of artwork. Sometimes it's nice to have a little time to yourself to indulge in your own passtimes. Looks like a great festival. :)