May I Hold Her?

Now that we're almost 8 weeks pregnant with our second baby, I've been thinking a lot about the birth of our first. Our Mia. There were so many wonderful first moments, but when I look back at pictures, I'm reminded of the sweet looks and cooing she received, then the hopeful looks to Daryl and me with the question, 'May I hold her?'

Some sweet bloggin gals, Kristen and Rebecca are growing their families as well. Let's give them warm wishes and sweet thoughts....soon everyone will be asking them 'may I hold your baby?'.

For more info about them and the wonderful online baby shower click on the button below :)



lonestar said...

Love the pictures, how precious!

Sara Ballard said...

My heart just melted at the pic of you holding her. Its just magical, thats all there is to it. You looked stunning! And how sweet are those little feet!? And to think you have another sweet miracle on the way, sigh. :)

Christina said...

Oh the sweetness! This brings back memories of meeting my own little bundle for the first time - and proudly showing her off! There's really nothing else that can compare.

Andrea said...

I LOVE the picture of you holding newborn Mia. You look so beautiful and happy.

kattis said...

I love the pictures, the picture of the feet is my favorite! :)