Road trip to the Scottish Rite

Yesterday, Daddy, Mia and I went on our yearly road trip to the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. To read about last years visit hop on over here, and her very first visit here....or for Mia's first diagnosis.

Mia was a trooper...she asked for one of her pregnant mamas' pickles, licked it, then tried to return it! Stinker. I was a little nauseous, but Daryl kept me in pickles :)

Since she's in the scoliosis study, her study nurse came in and took all sorts of measurements. Mia is now a tad bit over 3 ft tall and has a looooong wingspan that's almost as long as she is tall.

One main difference in this visit was that Mia was a year older, and man what a difference that made! When it was x-ray time, I realized that I couldn't go in to help...hold her down. It was so awful last time, I just couldn't think of not being able to be with her. I went back to the waiting area for her. A few min later she was whizzing down the hall, not a tear on her non-red or puffy face. Hmmm. Daddy told her that they just wanted to take a picture of her like Mama does. She gave them a huge cheesy smile. Awww.

Mia had such a fun time, she decided to play hide n seek with Dr Birch...can you find her?

I wanted to show Dr. Birch that Mia kind of hold her right arm close to her body when she runs...is that a concern? So, he had her run down the hall and back, did some range of motion stuff and said, nope. It's not a back, muscle thing. No worries, just keep an eye on it. If anything, it may be a slight neuro thing, but it doesn't effect her, so no reason to put her through an MRI and general anesthesia just yet.

I heart Dr. Birch! He said Mia was growing just perfectly, and you wouldn't be able to notice Mia had any back issues by looking at her. She still doesn't have any restrictions and no MRI scheduled!!!! He even gave Dr. Harry props for adjusting her when she has her growth spurts...I thought I was going to get chewed out, but he said...whatever helps and doesn't hurt... :) So, we don't have to come back till next year! Yay Mia!

Oh, Mia wanted to run down the hall again, so I told her that we had to finish with Dr. Birch and say good bye before she could go run. She walked right up to him, looked up, and said, 'Good Bye Dr. Birch'. Ready to run!

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gail said...

great pics of mia. sounds like it was a successful doc visit.

jw said...

Yaaay!! What a trooper! Sooo glad things are looking good.

Aidan....and others said...

That's awesome, mama! I miss Mia's cute face. See you soon!
I miss your cute face, too.

Andrea said...

Yay for Mia!!

I loved taking the walk down memory lane too.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Great Job Mia! Cute pics!

cdlsva said...

Great photos...I love the one of her hiding! She is such a cutie :-)
Sounds like the visit went well.

cherish.photography said...

hehe...love the under the table shot!

Frogs' mom said...

Good to hear she is doing so well. Cute pictures - I love the one of her hiding :0)

Christina said...

I didn't know that Mia had any of these issues! Sounds like she's a little trooper with an all clear - great news!

But YOU, my dear, are in toruble! Were you in the Dallas area and didn't tell me? Shame on you!

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful post and some great news! Best wishes to your and your family,

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Looks like a very successful visit! She is so cute - the one of her hiding is so sweet.