yet another fun filled weekend

Saturday morning Daryl was on daddy duty while I took advantage of the tax free weekend. I'm with the Snapper all the time, and even when Daryl's around, I tend to flitter around trying to 'help' him out. But those two have their own ways of doing things, and it's easier sometimes (on everyone) when I'm not around. When I get home, I can tell their bond is stronger, and Mia's needs are satiated by Dada, too.

We got this great vinyl office mat for the playroom. We have so much carpet in this house, Mia needed a surface where she could just get messy. So, we have the play-doh mat. She's played with yellow a lot, and blue only a few times. Oh, and she and Dada made green :) But, whenever she wants to play with the play-doh, she'll come up to me and ask for 'lellow'. We got the Fun Factory...looks like a stapler, but squeezes out the play-doh into different shapes. Mia had a hard time figuring out why shoe couldn't eat the 'spaghetti'. When she's finished, she'll put it all away, and say bye to it.

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening at Nana and Paw Paw's (spelling change from Pa Pa on Paw Paw's request. He didn't want it to sound like papa) place. We celebrated Tom's birthday. Joe, Melissa and Gwen were on vacation and spent the night. Gwen had her little tent and everything :) We all had such a fun time. Nana had ordered an Eebee doll for Mia, and Mia just didn't know what to do with him at first, but then she lit up and showed him to everyone! She and Gwen took turns feeding him Cheerios. The girls had a great time playing in the waterpark while I was inside helping Tom with dinner. I can't tell you much about what happened outside, but Tom and I had a ball! Then the little cousins took a bath together. The words cute or precious don't even come close to describing them.

Oh, Mia now knows how to open doors! At least only the lever kind for now. She will be kept a close eye on, that sneaky little girl.

Today, I ran some errands in the morning allowing for more Dada/Mia time. I bought Mia her first Elmo shirt. It was a big hit. She kept waving and saying hi to it. She found the boxes her Beatrix Potter collection came in....BLOCKS!!! Then Mia helped me squish bananas for some banana bread. This was the first time we baked together :) She even helped wash the bowl after. Mia's had her own little dish set for some time, but lately she's really been into what we call 'sinking'. She hangs out on her stool, washing her own little dishes.

Oh, speaking of Melmo, Mia really loves the interactive games on sesamestreet.com.

My very own Eebee!!! Thanks Nana :)

Gwen & her Daddy

Nana & Mia all blissed out

Dada teaching Mia how to make an imprint of her toes in Play-Doh

Mama's lil helper (Niles won't miss a drop, either)

Mama's banana squisher


no, she NEVER wants to get down

New Melmo T-shirt, blocks & playing Elmo game on the 'puter

Mia & her Eebee doll

play-doh fun

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