Shopping, play time and a big MOUSE!!!!

Yesterday, after a busy morning of just getting stuff done, I was able to babysit Suzy's Livie while Suzy went to a job interview (She got it!!!!!!). Mia slept while I hung out with Livie. She brought some great snacks that she so sweetly shared. When Suzy got back, we went shopping for a couple of things. The best thing was that Suzy put the girls in a shopping cart with a working radio in it. They had a blast and I actually got to hem and haw over some choices...something I'd never be able to do with Mia. She likes to be on the move and doesn't like to pause for anything. So, Suzy tooled around with the girls, and plied them with snacks. We're a great shopping team!

Then we freed the girls for better things....Chuck E Cheese!!! The play area was been re-done, so the climby tube things were not there, but there were so many other attractions. Mia LOVES Skee-ball and the spider squisher game. Ohhhh!! Chuck was there, and Mia was NOT frightened at all. I think with having the mouse puppet from her lapsit days, and seeing mice at the pet stores really prepared her for him. She was great and gave him a high five and a big kiss! We'll be back!

lil shoppers (not happy until they got a snack)

puckering up for a kiss

Mia had such a fun time, she was actually 'flying' around...check out the video:

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