Party time!

Last Thursday, Mae and Mike flew in from Denver to visit, see our new house, and attend my birthday bash. Mia fell for them...hard. They left yesterday, and she's still asking for her Mae and Mi (short for Mike). Mae hadn't been here since Mia's birthday in January, and this was the first time we met Mike. Wonderful news is that they are pregnant and expecting their first baby in March!!! Yay! I'm going to be a Tia!!!

Saturday night Daryl and Mia hosted a birthday party in my honor. It was so much fun. I had a great time visiting with all our friends. We hadn't seen so many, again...since Mia's birthday party in January, but now that we're a lot more central, we're hoping to see everyone more often. Daryl made the most wonderful cake. Chocolate with chocolate frosting mmmmmmmmmmm.... I'm so glad we got to keep 1/2...well I think it's ok to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it IS my birthday after all :) Mia loved hanging out and playing with her friends Livie (Suzy's) and Isabel. Lori's Livie stayed at home to help her daddy out who had his wisdom teeth pulled the previous day.

We all polished off a good amount of beer and tasty burgers (veggie ones for our veggie friends) & brats that Daryl grilled up. By request, I made my jalapeno poppers, but was at a loss when asked for Daryl's famous 7 layer dip. Next party, we promise :) Mia went to bed right after cutting the cake, and I think Daryl and I rolled into bed close to 2am.

The next day, we all headed over to Tom & Dee's for Laura's birthday celebration. Laura's friends Betty & Buddy, and Lester & Eileen came up from San Antonio, and Betty & Buddy's daughter, who lives in Austin, was also there. We were able to spend some wonderful quality time with Janice (Tom's sister) who was down from Lubbock. Oh, and her son, Greg stopped by. It really was a packed house. It was sweet to see everyone fawn all over Mia and Gwen. Gwen mostly stayed in the living room practicing pulling up and getting ready to start running around. Mia, however, was EVERYWHERE!!!, but mostly in her Papa's lap, playing with her Nana and dancing with Janice who learned the Eebee song (Mia's favorite) just to make Mia feel more comfortable. She really is the sweetest. Oh, Janice recently went to an art exhibit in Lubbock and the artist, who is also an author of children's books, was there. Janice thought of the girls and bought them each a copy of her book. It was a first edition, sign to Mia and everything. Daryl and I were so touched that Janice thought of Mia. We read the book on the drive home, and Mia just LOVED the cute illustrations.

One of the highlights of the day...for me, was chatting with Janice and Betty on the porch. Betty sure is a firecracker talking about how she's known Laura since before they were in kindergarten (they are both 81 now)and how she's so surprised that they are still friends since she loves to fight and Laura just doesn't! Betty told how when they were little she was so angry with Laura while they were swimming in the San Pedro pool, that she tried to drown her, but Laura kept coming up for air!!! Then later while sitting around the table, Laura said not to believe a word that Betty said because she was a cheat! Apparently, when they were around 8 yrs old, Laura accused Betty of cheating at jacks and they had a brawl and poor Betty went home with her sleeves torn off her dress!!!! Stories like that are just priceless.

Laura's house has been sold, now that she's living with Tom and Dee, so everyone went down to SA to help clean out the house. Mia was given a tea cup and saucer that are just ancient. They came from a set that belonged to Laura's great grandmother. So I think that makes them from Mia's great-great-great grandmother! Also, set of small hand blown cobalt bud vases and a sweet little hat/dish that matches. Those will be kept for Mia with my china, but the little porcelain poodle dog and bunny will be on display in her room. Family heirlooms are so special, and I just can't wait to pass them along to Mia when she's older.

So much happened this weekend, and I know I'm forgetting so many wonderful details, but I'm tired and still have to post pics :)

the birthday girl with her wonderful cake baking husband

Diane, Loren, Suzy and Mia playing with Livie

Gayani & Nick

Mia and her pal, Krista

Mia helping Mama blow out her birthday candle

(no wish made...I've got it all!)

Lori, Tanya, Sarah & the Bell (what a smile on that one!)

Krista, Tanya and Amanda...loveliness

Janice teaching Mia the theme to the Pink Panther

Have we got a great family or what?

Mia playing the upside down game with her Nana while Mae takes notes (for her own baby)

Mia kept taking Mike's hat....Mia and her hats :)

Mia...Posh Baby in her Tia Mae's shades

improv with a ball

Here's way too short of a clip of Janice singing th Eebee song and playing the piano with Mia. The camera battery died, so it's wayyy to short of a video for all the fun they had.

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