We just hosted a playdate

We had a blast and Mia is OUT!!!!

Mia and I hosted a playdate for a playgroup we belong to. There were 10 mamas and 12 kids (a set of twins, and a baby brother). Here's the roll call and some added trivia:
Melissa with Gwen (our very own Auntie M & Gwennie Pooh)
Christina with Alex (Mia hadn't hung out with her pal, Alex in a while)
Sara with Isabella (Sara's pregnant with her second baby)
Lisa with Samantha and her little bro, Jack (we know them from way back in our Gymboree days)
Maria with Farrah (Farrah was GLUED to her mama, then hit the circuit)
Jillian with her Kayli (our neighbors. ONE house down! Kayli braved an appearance after getting shots yesterday..she turned 1 year old on Wed. and is having a b-day party tomorrow, but Mia will be hanging with her Nana &G-PA)
Sarah & her Michael (we hadn't seen in forever and Michael sure has grown)
Sara & Isabella
Sheri & Scott (also hadnt't seen in a while...oh Sheri found her way even though she left her directions at home...that's talent)
Kelly & Grady (our buddies from last weeks' playgroup, and Kelly and I hit MNO on Tuesday together)
Sonia & her twins,Aiden and Ava (won the prize for longest traveled..all the way from Lakeway!!!)

hmmmm I'm not sure how 11 moms came when the limit was 10. Interesting...Well, the more the merrier/louder/funner (I don't care if funner is not a word...it works)

(just noticed I listed Sara & Isabella twice...hence the mathematical error)

Our big living room was barely big enough to contain all the fun, well actually some of the fun spilled into the kitchen. Those fridge magnets are always a hit. Mia shared her toys and had a great time. There were moments when she was just overwhelmed and her Auntie M came to her emotional rescue (sing slowly like Mick Jagger) with Cheerios. Gwen had a great time hanging with all the kids and was drawn to the leap Frog activity table. She's such a cutie.

Oh, Niles was in heaven once I let him out of jail (our room...away from the kids and food)with all the treats left on the floor for him. It was a great morning for everyone :) Here are some pics (none of me, 'cuz I was the one taking the pics, although Melissa took one of me and Mia that I hope turned out):

Melissa hanging out while Gwen her her buddy Michael are all over the LP table

Jillian & Kayli

Melissa, Mia, Gwen, Farrah & Maria

Snackin' Samantha

Sara & Isabella hittin the snacks, too

playdate fun

more playdate fun

yes, MORE playdate fun

what? Still more playdate fun? YES!!!

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